Hello I'm

Ali Sequeira

I build full stack applications from scratch. Embracing the best practices. Constantly learning new tools and technologies to upgrade my skillset and delivers the best solution to all the possibles problems.

About Me
Ali Sequeira portrait
Hi! I’m Ali Sequeira…

I’m from Nicaragua (the land of lakes and volcanoes)
besides software development I have a huge passion for
movies, soon I hope to star a blog where a can post
my opinions in my favorites movies.

I co-host a podcast in Spanish named:
“La Estacion De Cine” (available on all platform)

I’m passionate about Javascript’s ecosystem.
I’ve been building projects from vanillaJs
to React, NodeJS, Redux, and NEXT.JS


Currently I’m focusing on building a solid foundation in Javascript.
HTML5, CSS3, SASS, ReactJS, Redux, TailwindCSS
NodeJS, Express, EJS, MongoDb, NEXT.JS
git, Webpack, babel

My Projects

 Project image

Made it using Nodejs, Express, Ejx and MongoDb. You can store and watch you favorite campground.

Source Code -
 Project image

Made it using React, Nodejs, Express, MongoDb. Storage, Create, Read and Delete blogpost.

Source Code -
 Project image

Made it full with JavaScript, html and css. Calculate your expenses of the month or your incomes

Source Code -
 Project image
My Website

Well basically I made this haha. I use NEXT.js and Tailwindcss. I made this in my third month as Intern

Source Code -

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